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What is the process?

 You have two options to obtain an ITRA level certification.

1.) You can take a one day assessment hosted by an ITRA Instructor or Evaluator.

2.) You can take a multiple day course or multiple courses over time and then sign up for a one day assessment.

Courses will often, but not always, include a one day assessment at the end of it for those who are ready to test. This assessment needs to be conducted by either an ITRA Instructor or an ITRA Evaluator who did not provide any of your training on the tasks you are to be assessed on. The course provider will often bring in an ITRA Instructor/Evaluator for your assessment day….


Sometimes courses will involve two or more instructors throughout your multiple days of training. If Instructor 1 teaches you how to tie knots, during your assessment day Instructor 1 cannot assess you on your knots: Instructor 2 would have be your assessor for that task. 

In order to be eligible to become an ITRA Rope Instructor, you need to hold a current ITRA Level 3 Rope Certification.

An instructor may assess and provide certification to Level 1,2 & 3 candidates.

Other ITRA instructors cannot provide certification to others to become instructors. ITRA Rope Evaluators are the only ones authorized to certify instructor candidates.

In order to be eligible to become an ITRA Rope Evaluator, you must be a current ITRA Instructor and assess with another ITRA Rope Evaluator. As of February 2023, the ITRA Evaluator program is on hold.

Click here to view the ITRA Instructor guidance PDF

Click here to view the ITRA Evaluator guidance PDF

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You must be a __________     —>      to conduct a ___________.