The Mountain Institute

What is ITRA?

The International Technical Rescue Association is a non-profit entity that supports rope rescue companies and organizations at a professional standard. Having a professional level ITRA certification means you have not only completed various task items but also have been independently assessed, during a one or two day evaluation, at a very high industry standard.

Rope Level 1 (Responder)

Intro to Rope Responder (IRR) is an entry-level course for rope rescue professionals. The primary focus of an IRR is personal high angle skills and team low angle skills. This course is the foundation needed for future training and certification.

Rope Level 2 (Technician)

Intro to Rope Technician (IRT) takes your individual high angle skills to the next level and begins the journey into rope rescue physics. This course builds on the IRR course and prepares individuals to assist and run team based technical high angle rescues.

Rope Level 3 (Advanced/Specialist)

Intro to Rope Advanced (IRA) is designed to train rope technicians (or equivalent) to a higher level. This course takes your rope knowledge, skillset and understanding of physics beyond level 2 training. The advanced course is for those seeking to be team leaders, rope leads for complex technical rescues, lead riggers and anyone who wants to take their rope skills to a specialist’s level.